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How to Lose Arm Fat Fast Without Weights?

lose arm fat

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How to Lose Arm Fat Fast Without Weights?

Have you stopped wearing short sleeves clothes just because flabby or sagging upper arms destroys the whole look? Well, millions of women keep on looking how to get rid of arm fat because you have fat accumulated only in this particular region while the whole body is normal. Experts recommend the use of fat burner supplements like Peak Bioboost will improve the results.

Although every body shape is beautiful, however, arm fat can be major confidence killer for many women. But what causes arm fat or sagging arms?

Decreased metabolism rate, growing age are some of the prominent causes of arm fat. Lack of physical activities, eating habits, and not doing proper exercise also leads to fat accumulation in the arms.

Now you want to shed off those arm flab and sculpt them into tones and sexy pair of arms. Well, that requires a combination of exercises to lose weight and toning arm muscles.

Let me break it down and simplify it for you. 

Before we look into exercises to lose arm fat, please understand, it is impossible to “spot reducing.” This means to lose fat from a specific area. According to research, you can’t just pick a spot, do exercises that target a specific area and sweep the fat away.

Target area specific workout may get you some results but fighting saggy arms requires more than spot workouts. Therefore to get amazing results, you must include regular cardio workouts in your fitness regime.

This combination altogether helps in burning down arm fat, and ”spot reduce” work on toning and shaping up your arms.

Exercises to Lose Arm Fat

Now that you know the basic science how it works, you just need to follow some exercises for arms. Also, there is no need to throw a major chunk of your hard earned money to become a member of a fancy gym. Here is the comprehensive guide on how to lose arm fat fast that includes some easy exercises which can be done regularly at home as well.

1. Chair Dips

lose arm fat

The chair dips or chair triceps dips exercise specifically targets the muscles of your upper arm (triceps). This workout helps to tone loose or saggy skin in that particular area.

How to do chair dips or chair triceps dips?

1. The chair should be at least 2 feet higher from the ground and should be placed against the wall for better support.

2. Turn your back and place your hands on the chair by keeping at least 3 feet distance.

3. Now tighten your grip and bring yourself forward, so your buttocks are in the air.

4. Bend your elbows and bring down your body as low as to the ground and bring yourself back up in similar motion.

5. Repeat this motion in 3 sets of 20 reps every day.

2. Counter Push Ups

lose arm fat

                                                                                                                                 Image source:

The counter push up is again an easy exercise to tone the arms that can be done at home. All it needs a table or a kitchen counter as this exercise focuses on stability.

How to do counter push up?

1. Face the counter or the table with your arms on the edge of it keeping your feet together touching the base of the counter.

2. Keep your hands apart wider than the shoulder width.

3. Make sure your back and feet should be straight to maintain the right posture.

4. Now bend your elbows and bring yourself down to the counter and move back to the starting position.

5. Repeat this exercise to lose arm fat in 3 sets of 20 reps every day.

3. Floor Push Ups

lose arm fat

Push up is the ultimate workout for toned armed and strong core without needing equipment. Your body weight itself plays a major role in burning down the fat accumulated in the arms.

How to do push-ups?

1. Lie on the floor keeping your hands apart wider than the shoulder and feet together.

2. Now take the push position wherein your elbows should be straight.

3. Now bend your elbows and bring the body down.

4. Your stomach should not touch the floor.

5. Move back to starting point in similar motion.

6. Repeat the process in 3 sets of 10 reps every day to lose arm fat in 2 weeks.

4. Scissors

lose arm fat

                                                                                                                                                         Image source: Pinterest

This is the simplest exercise which helps you to arm lose fat extremely fast. It is also known as effective cardio that not only helps in sculpting sexy arms but also works on the entire body thus making you lose some extra pounds.

How to do scissors?

1. Stand straight with open arms to shoulder height.

2. Strech your arms to the sides and bring them back in front of you in a manner that both the arms overlap each other.

3. You need to move your arms in this back and forth speedily.

4. Repeat the exercise in 3 sets of 10 reps every day.

5. Rope Jumping

lose arm fat

Skipping or also known as rope jumping in the best cardio workout that not only melts down the body fat but gives you tone arms too. Rope jumping increases the stamina, and it’s inexpensive as well.

How to do rope jumping?

1. Hold the rope’s handles in your hands.

2. Bring the cable forward in front of your feet and jump over it.

3. Don’t move your whole arm while rotating the rope, try to keep the motion limited to your wrists only.

6. Arm Circles

lose arm fat

This is another easy exercise that doesn’t need dumbells and equipment. Arm circles are a classic exercise that works extensively to tone flabby arms.

How to do arm circles?

1. Stand straight with your feet slightly apart.

2. Strech your arms out to the sides.

3. Now start rotating your hands in the forward direction making small circles.

4. Repeat the exercise in anti-cloak wise motion as well.

5. You can do this exercise twice every day or even when you are at the office.

These were few easy yet best exercises to lose arm fat fast that can be done at a fitness center, home or anywhere for that matter. They are really effective if you put them in your regular fitness regime. If you want to lose arm fat in 1 week, you can try all these exercises or even can increase the count of sets depending on your stamina. Try not to go overboard; enjoy a refreshing fitness routing and maintain a healthy diet for faster results.

Shipra Sharma is a Lifestyle blogger, tech enthusiast and a Youtuber based out of Delhi. In her early career, she worked as an HR in a reputed IT MNC for 4 years before she called it quit to pursue her dreams. Being a passionate blogger by heart, she herself writes all the posts which vary from lifestyle to travel.

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