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Things that worked for me to stop hair fall

stop hair fall

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Things that worked for me to stop hair fall

Are you facing the same issue as faced by me previously – the most irritating and scary hair fall? Hair strands falling out on your comb, t-shirt, and even towel? Don’t worry, here today I will share with you a list of remedies that I have tried and especially the things that worked for me to stop hair fall, click here to get one of the my favorite product, I recommend you try hand tied hair extensions this my not solve the hair fall but you hair will be looking nice.

Hair fall can be due to several reasons, if you’re struggling with hair loss or thinning, having a hair restoration surgery might be the solution to your problem.. Most common reasons for hair fall are the nutritional deficiency and genetic issues. It is common in both men and women and is a cause of concern for both. But, little did I know that it could well be cured at home until I tried the following home remedies to stop hair fall and few of them literally worked for me.

Home remedies that helped me to stop hair fall

stop hair fall

1. Coconut oil/Milk massage

Just take some freshly grated coconut and squeeze some milk from it or heat some virgin coconut oil. Now take either of it and massage a generous amount on your scalp and roots. Let it stay for 20-30 minutes and rinse it off using a mild shampoo for best results.

During this process, the Vitamin E, from coconut enriches the moisture in your hair and its anti-microbial properties help in keeping your hair free from any infections too. This one is my personal favorite as it is the easiest to follow.

2. Aloe Vera to prevent hair fall

Aloe Vera is useful not only for your skin but is extremely beneficial for your hair too. Add various products like shikakai, neem, licorice, lemon Juice, cinnamon, and even honey to make a hair pack. Apply it using a brush on your hair and scalp.

Let it sit for about 20 minutes and rinse it off without using a shampoo. If possible use lukewarm water. This will help your hair by strengthening its roots and also improving their growth and shine.

3. Onion juice to stop hair fall

Take any onion and grate it. Then squeeze the grated onion to get some juice. This juice should be applied on your scalp till the tips of your hair. Leave it in your hair for half an hour and finally wash it off using a mild shampoo.

Note: Since some people do not like the odor thus, honey and rose water can be added to the juice to avoid the odor and accentuate the results.

4. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Indian Gooseberries can be paired with either aloe vera, coconut oil or lime juice to make a paste perfect for adding strength to your hair and also improving its growth. This so happens as Amla is rich in Vitamin C. Just apply any of the above mixtures respectively and wash it off after 20-30 minutes using lukewarm water.

5. Methi or fenugreek

Not the leafy fenugreek but its seeds is what we are referring to here. Take some fenugreek seeds and add them to yogurt and add an egg to it. Now apply this paste on your hair length and scalp. Now let it sit for a good half an hour and finally you can rinse your hair using water. Do not shampoo or use any other product in your hair. It will strengthen your hair and prevent hair fall.

6. Egg white

Egg whites are extremely rich in protein. Thus, use them as it is on your hair or mix them with other healthy ingredients like olive oil or honey to provide that extra boost of nutrition to your beautiful locks to gain strength and add to your beauty.

Let the egg white stay in your hair for about 15 minutes and then wash using a good smelling mild shampoo. For better results, this remedy can be applied twice a week.

7. Henna

It is a widely accepted fact that henna is often used to cover greys but little did I know; until I tried it by myself that henna can help in controlling hair fall and maintaining luscious locks for a long time.

Just make a henna paste with water and apply it on your scalp and your hair. Let it stay put for 30-40 minutes. Then wash off using a good mild quality anti-hair fall shampoo.

8. Green Tea

This is again one of my favorites. Just take 2-3 tea bags of green tea to add them to boiling water. Let them soak in water till it comes to room temperature.

Now use the water flavored with these tea bags to wash your hair and *tadaa* shine, healthy and strong hair are ready to be flaunted.

These eight home remedies have been tested personally and believe me they actually work wonders. Just try them one at a time and get to see the results of each of the methods in the first go itself.

Also, you need to work on your diet as well by consuming food that prevent hair fall. Hope you get similar results and if you know of any methods to stop hair fall, please suggest in the comments below and I will definitely try and let you know how it went by. If the above mentioned home remedies don’t work for you, you can try women’s vitamins for hair loss.

Shipra Sharma is a Lifestyle blogger, tech enthusiast and a Youtuber based out of Delhi. In her early career, she worked as an HR in a reputed IT MNC for 4 years before she called it quit to pursue her dreams. Being a passionate blogger by heart, she herself writes all the posts which vary from lifestyle to travel.

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