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About the blog:

Liveliness is what that keeps us moving,

Liveliness is what that keeps us floating,

It is the greenery of nature, It is the redness of blood,

It is the color of painting, It is the ripples of lake,

It is the core of passion, It is the crux of emotion.

It could be said that here & there, everywhere and in every nook & cranny that percepts to be alive reflects liveliness. It could be just a perception when reading ostensibly but could prove a wholesome drive to life when observed and felt deeply. In this busy world of today’s, we try dementedly to look for ways and alternatives of finding “life”, but usually end up in vain.

Here, the is envisioned with an objective to guide you out in your search of that missing “life”. It is rather ‘a diary demystifying liveliness’ by boosting your lifestyle throughout. The Sassy Shipra warmly welcomes you to this blog, where you would get know-how related to health, beauty, home remedies of issues, fitness, and fashion.

This blog is about updating you with latest trends, the reviews of beauty products which I use personally, DIY videos, lookbooks, affordable fashion tips as fashion itself is a vivid art of living; everything that can be useful for you. I also understand your love for being fit as fitness is “life”. So, here you could find content curated from experts which help you in staying healthy and active.

Besides, I also share my personal experiences of trips n tours and places I have been to and/or have planned to as that would help in getting you a broader relatable picture. It’s a platform for me to be motivated and keep you motivated as traveling could be a forte to “life”.

All together this blog aims to convey the best you can get out of my experiences in eclectic dimensions. You may add something here to make this blog more meaningful for readers, your comments aren’t just welcomed; they are adored here.

Once Julius Caesar addressed the Roman Senate that Veni, Vedi, Veci ( I came, I saw, I conquered). Today I would like to say Veni, Vedi, Scripsi meaning I came, I saw, I wrote, because it’s not just about writing but feeling a sense of responsibility to re-energize my fellow mates to the thing called “life”.

About Shipra:

Shipra Sharma is a Lifestyle blogger based out of Delhi. In her early career, she worked as an HR in a reputed IT MNC for 4 years before she called it quit to pursue her dreams. In this blog, Shipra has her work of various lifestyle subject matter and writing in the form of – lifestyle blogs, DIY videos, fashion statements, health & wellness, my travel experiences and ‘Tips and Inspirations’ to help other people learn.

But this would be very narrow scope to describe her forte. Shipra has also been doing tech blogging out of passion since the last couple of years. Beating all the odds she contributes to a Tech YouTube channel named PC-Tablet.

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