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Dating and Relationship Advice for Single Folks Looking for Love

Dating and Relationship Advice


Dating and Relationship Advice for Single Folks Looking for Love

Relationships are significant as well as crucial part of our lives. Although being in a relationship does not certify your worth in any way, but it feels good to have someone by your side all the time. It is a different feeling when you get to know that someone is always present to understand how you feel and what is going through your mind in a particular situation.

Isn’t it amazing? Yes, why not? At some point in life, we all want a significant other to hold our hands and be there physically or emotionally. This is not about being desperate or vulnerable; the whole thing is about wanting to share your unique parts of life with someone.

So here we are taking single folks into account. There is a huge list of dating and relationship pieces of advice available to us. Different facts and analysis are presented in them about dos and don’ts of a relationship. But are they really helpful and worth trusting? One cannot judge the relationships by just browsing through Google. Everyone has their issues and complications, and we must try to sort it out in a generalized manner.

People with their relationship status as single often feel some sort of loneliness and chaos. We have always seen them looking at couples and wishing if they could also have a cute relationship with someone. But let us clearly state that it’s all in your mind. You are not disabled part of society, so stop comparing your life with that of others.

Single folks whether boy or girl, develop some kind of craving to get into a relationship just because it is a part of the trend. You must understand that it is your life, so stop comparing your situation with others. Stop feeling inferior to others just because you are single or had a break up recently. The relationship is just a phase of life which comes after you have sorted your career and academics.

May be you are not ready; maybe you are not prepared. Let things evolve in their natural rhythm and stop enforcing the trend into your life. It is very easy to give casual dating and relationship advice, but when you look at things practically, they do not go exactly as per plan. To do away with the hurricane arising in the minds of single folks, we are here with basic dating and relationship advice for those seeking love.

1. Avoid Over Thinking

Dating and Relationship Advice

Being single takes you to a different world which is created inside your head. You start wondering situations and scenarios which have negligible chances of taking place. All these things together make you feel reckless, and you get caught up with that feeling for as long as you over think.

The most reliable dating and relationship advice for you is to stop judging every single thing about the other person. Do not analyze it with a negative perspective. Keep your mind straight and listen to what your intuition has to say. Taking it easy is the best way to overcome the popping up of these unwanted thoughts in your brain.

2. Give Some Authority to Another Person

Dating and Relationship Advice

A relationship is about the partnership, and everyone should get a chance. No matter how mature and intellectual you are, but always make a habit of trusting the other person. Don’t be someone who decides a solo entrepreneur. Let the other person decide few things and support him/her whenever required.

Dating and relationship advice journals will not mention this fact. This is something that people don’t like hearing, but you must face it. If you continue to take decisions alone, the other person will apparently feel useless after a certain point.

3. Stop Comparing – Dating and Relationship Advice

Dating and Relationship Advice

Yes! Humans have this habit of comparing everything. Be it your life or life jacket; we are always ready to compare, but these things are not fair when you are trying to find a right person for getting into a relationship. You may have some checklist of the qualities you need in your partner, but a little modification will not harm.

Even though he has qualities of your ex, does not mean the relationship will turn to be same as before. Don’t keep looking for negative qualities; focus on what is good and positive about them. You never know that one quality will overlook all their tiny flaws. Keep a broad mind and positive perspective towards a person you are dating.

4. Don’t Play Mind Games

Dating and Relationship Advice

Nobody is fortune teller or mind reader these days unless they really are. Do not expect the other person to know what you feel all the time without telling them. If you continue to play mind games with a motive to judge the other person, you are creating a loss for yourself.

They may happen to connect with you through telepathy sometimes, but do not expect such things all the time. Things do not happen as the movie in real life. All these things will only annoy and push them away.

5. Learn to Let Go

Dating and Relationship Advice

Do not cling onto something just because you want to be in a relationship. If you are not able to fit or if there is a compatibility issue, then you must move out of it. Do not have second thoughts and doubts in your mind while getting into a relationship.

The ultimate motive to have a partner is to have a companion who understands you and is available to support you with right decisions. When you are not comfortable in sharing something or growing together, then what is the point? It will only take your happiness away, so make sure to adhere to this dating and relationship advice.

6. Don’t Underestimate the “Single” Status

Dating and Relationship Advice

If you think being single is equal to being incomplete or unaccomplished, then you are absolutely wrong. Yes, having a partner is obviously great, but you do not have to judge yourself if you have not yet entered that phase of life. There is no such defined period after which you mandatorily need to move in.

You own the switch, and you need to decide when you are ready for settling with a partner. Anyone who forces you to get into a relationship or tries to fix you up with someone is not required in your life. Keep this dating and relationship advice in mind.

7. Stay Positive – Dating and Relationship Advice

Dating and Relationship Advice

If you look with the negative perspective, you will find many faults. But, if you look at something with a positive outlook, you can focus on the right things. Do feel let down for not being able to find a partner. Also, do not feel too accomplished with your life if you are settled concerning the relationship. There is more to life than just being with someone.

Some people get hitched at a young age and still plan for a lot of things to do. Whereas others hustle hard to achieve their life goals and keep relationship after everything. You must learn to embrace everything positively. Because you have your own time zone and things will happen according to that.

8. Blow Away the Thing Called Stress

Dating and Relationship Advice

We all are unconsciously aware of good vibes. When we see a stressed out person, we get to know that something is wrong without them telling us anything. So is the case when someone is free from stress. Being stress-free makes you more attractive than before. Remember that your vibe attracts your tribe. This is not just applicable to friendships but also while choosing partners.

Also, if you are stressed out it automatically transfers those negative vibes to your spouse. The continuous series of being stressed out makes the whole relationship stressful. So make sure you stay merrier to attract the good vibes as well as good people.

9. Be Ready for Downfalls

Dating and Relationship Advice

It is time to face it. Do not be an escapist. When you are in a relationship, there are chances that you may have fought and break ups. That is something natural because who does not have differences and arguments. Be realistic and optimistic at the same time. Take lessons and move one instead of getting stuck at that one bad moment.

You will have to start your next day with same excitement and positivity. Do not carry your bad experiences wherever you go. Do not keep hanging on to those memories when you are seeking love again. This one dating and relationship advice are worth remembering to let go of the things which hold you back from progressing in life.

10. Be the Best of Your Version

Dating and Relationship Advice

To be your best version, you must not be perfect or free from flaws. You must reflect your originality. It is evident that you will have few insecurities and fears. You may have strengths and weaknesses, but you don’t have to hide it from this world to become acceptable. Let people accept you for what you are. If there is something about yourself which disturbs you, then you should work on it for the betterment of yourself.

Most of the dating and relationship advice include the fact that you must be versatile with situations. But, do not mistake versatility for settlement or compromise. You do not have to change your true self for the sake of being acceptable. However, you can curb some of your destructive habits and behavior for the betterment of relationship.

11. Don’t be in a Hurry to Get into Relationship

Dating and Relationship Advice

You meet someone, and they seem perfect for you. Is this criterion enough to decide your long term journey with that person? Certainly not! There are many things you must keep in mind while dating someone or deciding to get committed with them. They must respect your emotions, understand how you feel, and accept your natural behavior.

Your partner should be willing to contribute his/her equal part in the relationship. You must not compensate for their lack of interest and keep pretending that things are perfect between you two. Avoid problems in future by taking time to analyze the person.

You do not have to suspect them for everything they do. But certain concerns should be taken into account before blindly choosing your soul mate. Falling in love or getting into a relationship is a natural phenomenon. You must not force yourself into it just because you want to.

Things will happen when they are destined to, and you must give these things time to nurture and bloom properly. Dating and relationship advice always includes a point that you must move in when you are ready; not when you are lonely.

12. Don’t Wait for Someone Absolutely Perfect

Dating and Relationship Advice

You must keep the door of your heart open for the ones who deserve it; not for the one who is absolutely perfect according to you. No human being is accurate, and just like you expect others to embrace your flaws; you must also adopt the habit to do that.

Once in a while, you meet someone who does not seem to be perfect, but you feel a connection with them. Analyze the things properly and make sure you don’t settle because of just attraction. This is the first mistake that people make while dating or getting into relationships.

Attraction can be between anyone, but chemistry is only between two specific individuals who have a better understanding. Make sure you remember this fact while seeking dating and relationship advice.

Hence, after listing out the dating and relationship advice on broad terms, we can conclude that one must not get nervous with their single status. It is not a crime. You are still single because you have chosen it to be like that. Don’t let the silly norms of so called society affect your inner peace.

As long as you are okay with someone, you can stay with them. Similarly, if you are doing fine without a partner, just let it be like that until you feel like looking for one. Things are unexpected in relationships because you never really know what will be your next step. So just calm down and follow these dating and relationship advice.

Shipra Sharma is a Lifestyle blogger, tech enthusiast and a Youtuber based out of Delhi. In her early career, she worked as an HR in a reputed IT MNC for 4 years before she called it quit to pursue her dreams. Being a passionate blogger by heart, she herself writes all the posts which vary from lifestyle to travel.

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