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10 Must-Know Relationship Advice For Women

Relationship Advice For Women


10 Must-Know Relationship Advice For Women

If relationship and dating are like sailing on boat – all wobbly and prone to storms, then you are the sailor. Managing through the highs and lows is in your hands because you and your partner are stakeholders for this association. This sounds more like a professional document, but a relationship is no less than that.

Even after having an age of experience, there are some words of wisdom to live by when you are in or are planning to get into a relationship. Relationships are really sensitive, and it can change your life forever. It not only affects your past and present but also changes the personality of a person along with his/her approaches towards life and love.

Women are really sensitive, and they tend to take a lot of time before and after relationships. Let me remind you, this is not a trial and error where you can see what works. Your heart, mind, and soul are indulged into a relationship, and you must make right decisions to avoid any tomfoolery. So before we start with full fledged relationship advice for women, let us do some foreplay by understanding its importance.

As a single woman, you will get to hear many abhorrent phrases, and you will be called desperate for every decision you take. All these bizarre mentalities will force you to settle for something you are not ready for. Would it be wise to do something just for the sake of it? That too relationship? Not at all a good idea. This phobia of being alone is quite consuming in nature and will not allow you to shift your focus on good things which are happening in your life.

The concept behind settling in life is still very unpredictable and does not have a proper definition. People around you instantly shift their focus from your career to relationships and then to having kids. Is that what you are here for? Or is it the only thing by which you can define your success or accomplishment in life? Quite tricky to say but there are things beyond all this.

Whenever you are giving a dating and relationship advice to women, you should not forget to mention that it is okay to have things out of control. There is always a reason to not settle down for the sake of it. The perfect love and prosperous life are kinds of stuff that fit into fantasy. In order to make it real, you must know exactly when to switch your role and how to take smart decisions. To cure these souls full of chaos, we are here to give dating and relationship advice for women, exclusively.

We genuinely feel that there is a need to remind them of what can go wrong and what can work right. They must know when to let go and when to try holding it on. We live in an era where feminism is turning into feminazi and self-respect is assumed to be ego. And ultimately, both the partners in a relationship are victims of this cold war. Let us move onto the golden words on this matter.

1. Do not try to fit in or change your nature

Relationship Advice For Women

A relationship turns into a business deal if you find a room for negotiation on what you should be like. A perfect line quoted by Oscar Wilde is “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” And this is what you must adhere to. The person who understands your inner worth will never ask you to change yourself. You are what you are made of, and there is no harm in maintaining your originality.

You need to be with someone who accepts all your flaws and quirks and improves you as a person. Anyone who just believes in criticizing you without suggesting you on how to grow positively is the kind of negativity you do not need in your life. People who encourage you to grow as per your own timeline and space are worth keeping for the lifetime. Let them appreciate you with all the downfalls you have been through and all the achievements you have bagged to your credit.

2. Own who you are – Dating and relationship advice for women

Relationship Advice For Women

The way you look, the way you behave, and the way you carry yourself is your own business. Let nobody tell you about any of your decisions unless you trust them blindly for good ones. If you have absolute morals, then be with it. Anyone who simply asks you to leave them is definitely not required.

Many people are the self-proclaimed genius in giving relationship advice for women. Do not allow them to tell you about having sex or staying a virgin. However, it is okay to have little awareness about sexual and emotional vibes. But depend on those who you think are sorted with their lives in terms of relationship.

3. Admit the mistakes with humble tone

Relationship Advice For Women

We all are humans, and nobody is perfect. We all are like cupcakes; a little moist or a little fluffy with pores and irregularities. You understand what we are conveying here? All we are trying to say is we are vulnerable to commit mistakes and take wrong decisions. There is nothing to feel inferior about making mistakes because it is not a crime. Do not judge yourself; instead, admit that you are accountable for the loss created.

This is one of the most important dating and relationship advice for women. Somebody needs to tell them that it is okay to learn from mistakes. It becomes wrong only if you refuse to admit your mistake in order to feed your own ego. Work hard, and you will be better at handling them.

4. The agenda should be “Good Vibes Only”

Relationship Advice For Women

A relationship is all about the balance between the positives and the negatives. You must sensibly invest your time, effort, and energy to nurture a particular relationship. A relationship is not about one-way effort. If you are consistently trying to compensate the other person’s lack of effort, then it is high time to realize what you are doing.

Relationship advice for women should be given by keeping both the ends in mind. One must re-assess the situations and decide if the other person is not interested in contributing his/her part for the relationship. Relationship demands reciprocity for everything. Not immediately but definitely. There are different ways of expressing love and affection. One should know how to do it accordingly.

5. Attraction and chemistry are two different things

Relationship Advice For Women

This is one relationship advice for women which are given by everyone at every point of time. Initially, you will feel all the spark and chemistry between you two, but is that for real? Will it last until the end of time? Can you make this a long term journey of your life? Ask these questions to yourself. Do not mistake attraction for chemistry.

The excitement to meet and know each other is all about attraction. People hide a lot of things when they are just dating. Do not decide to declare the bond as potent to start a new venture. Take time to decide the things by analyzing each and every behavior of your significant other.

6. Do not plan the things in advance

Relationship Advice For Women

If you think that making plans, charts, and analysis will make your relationship productive, then you are on the wrong track. Let these formalities be confined to your work place because relationships do not work on logic and reasoning. Do not prepare a check list for an ideal partner. Also, don’t consider the relationship as a long term investment. These terms can be used for your business.

Sometimes you tend to ignore a person just because their traits do not fit your bill. But eventually, you end up with them for unpredictable reasons. This is what we are talking here. Stop making plans and believe that you will end up with the right one, sooner or later. Preconceived thoughts and emotions can ruin a lot of things, so beware of this evil. This is one of the wisest relationship advice for women of this century.

7. Being open does not make you vulnerable

Relationship Advice For Women

Women are used to keeping the emotions bottled up in their heart. This is because they think revealing their fears and phobias will make them vulnerable. Well, this can also make you appear less interested even though you are falling deeply for the guy. The right way to judge a person is by seeing his reaction after he knows about your true self. Tell him everything and see what he has to express about it. His gesture, facial expression, and his behavior after listening to your insecurities will say a lot about how he is going to be in future.

One of the best relationship advice for women is to tell them to open up with their partner. It is okay if you have silly reasons to get upset because that is who you are. Unless you have a reason behind your fears and insecurities, it is entirely okay to share them with your partner. If they treat you in a wrong way, it will be an eye opener for you. So just do it without hesitation.

8. Seek respect because it is going to last longer

Relationship Advice For Women

Make sure your gender does not define your worth in a relationship. The looks and face will fade away with time, sooner or later, but what makes your relationship stronger and deeper is respect and loyalty. Do not get flattered by how they appreciate your appearance. Make sure they focus more on what you are from inside. Your partner should be able to know what you deserve and how important you are as a person.

Not only your partner, but you should also learn to appreciate their mind and soul. If you do not understand what they think of you and what they have to offer you in the long run, then you are only wasting time. A relationship advice for women should always comprise of looking for the beauty of the mind.

9. Not everyone will like you, but that does not make you less worthy

Relationship Advice For Women

People will take time to understand your needs, behavior, natural swing, and everything associated with you. This is not because they are weird or you are not compatible enough. This happens mainly because two of you are different as a person. You both have a different set of thoughts, and neither of you is wrong at your place. It is okay to be unacceptable to someone because we all have different DNA. Our thought process will be different and so will be our likes as well as dislikes. There is no need to create a fuss about it or demeans yourself.

When you learn to ignore what others have to say about you, life becomes much easier than before. Just keep moving in your flow and the right person will find you perfect. Not everyone will include this point when speaking about relationship advice for women. But understanding that you are different and not everyone will love you for who you are is one of the wisdom nuggets you must grasp.

10. Your instinct is your all-time best friend

Relationship Advice For Women

Your instinct never lies to you. Relationship advice for women usually does not mention this fact, but it is true. Never ever ignore the vibes radiated by your instincts. When you are with the right person, it will definitely give you signals to hang on with your decision. Many people make mistakes by welcoming the hurricane of chaos and confusion, and they eventually forget what their instinct has to convey to them. Make sure you do not repeat this.

Thus, keep these powerful tips in your mind when you are planning to get into or out of a relationship. These are decisions that can affect the rest of your life, either positively or negatively. But it all comes down to one point, and that is your wisdom and ability to understand the right things you need in life.

Shipra Sharma is a Lifestyle blogger, tech enthusiast and a Youtuber based out of Delhi. In her early career, she worked as an HR in a reputed IT MNC for 4 years before she called it quit to pursue her dreams. Being a passionate blogger by heart, she herself writes all the posts which vary from lifestyle to travel.

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