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How to Give a Creative Touch to Your Home Design and Decor

Home Design and Decor (6)


How to Give a Creative Touch to Your Home Design and Decor

In today’s context, decorating your home can be an overwhelming affair as one gets flabbergasted with endless choices in terms of interior décor. After buying a dream home, turning it into a livable and nicely done space requires some amount of effort on your part. You should also consider a bed bug removal system from

To do so, you may not necessarily require spending like a sailor. In this piece, I would discuss few easy home design and décor tips that you can incorporate yourself and spruce up the place in no time at all.

Low-Cost Living Room Decorating Ideas

Home Design and Decor (6)

To start with, let’s take a look at the living room first. If you are bit confused on living room furniture ideas, here are few Neon Mama home design and décor pointers for your living room. We all know that the living room is the place where we socialize with friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances for the maximum time. As per modern architecture, kitchen and dining are directly communicable with the living room. Here, space plays an important role, as the selection of Luxury Furniture and accessories depend on it.

Rugs and carpets, contemporary furniture, side tables, armchairs, cocktail tables, table lamps and other furniture depend on the space of the living room. In case of space constraint, clever utilization of the wall color schemes with right kind of furnishing to counterbalance space construction can be an excellent home design and décor idea for cozy and compact living rooms.

Easy Bedroom Makeover Ideas 

Home Design and Decor (6)

We are all quite aware of the fact that almost third of our life is spent in bedrooms. Subsequently, to create a relaxing atmosphere, you should be choosy while selecting the bedroom furniture as this corner of the house should look ‘springlike’ all the year round. Always go for quality mattresses, pillows and simple home decorating things to beautify your bedroom without spending a fortune!

Select floral or lighter hued sheets and pillowcases if you are more a morning person than a late riser. Also, lighting plays a vital role on our mood that can start from basic to bold, and soft to dramatic! In addition, bedside table lamps can be draped with classic floral tablecloths or white matelasse runners, giving an impetus to the home design and decor ideas for contemporary bedrooms.

Fun, Comfortable Yet Stylish – Kids Bedroom Ideas!

Home Design and Decor (6)

As children spend quite an amount of time in their bedrooms – playing, sleeping and reading story books or listening to stories, their bedroom should reflect their spirited personalities. Warm lights, beds from TV Bed Store bright walls and laminate floors, bright yet straightforward linen, decorative pieces like vintage toys, wall stickers and artwork.

Something hanging from the ceiling like nursery accessories, crepe lanterns, etc. are great baby room design and decor ideas to implement. Also, cushions for casual lounging, bedside lamps, attractive shelves and laundry bags can add a zing to a kid’s room instantly!

Turn Your Bathroom into an Elegant Spa – Home Design and Decor

Home Design and Decor (6)

Carpet size, sink, shower with door and other feature locations are essential aspects to keep in mind while applying modern bathroom design ideas. Usage of natural light, as well as artificial, decorative wallpapers and other accessories, can perk up the atmosphere of a bathroom instantaneously. If you’re still not able to decide on how to decorate your home bathroom, choices are galore.

One can opt for a minimalistic look with sleek modern designs as well as eclectic style by giving importance to the tiles, wood, ceramic, metalwork or concrete. Also, modern bathrooms utilize creative accessories with latest features, colors, lighting, keeping room for future additions and alterations. You can even go for a rustic style, where usage of wood, locally grown plants, and flowers, will create a luxurious bathing experience with sophistication!

Kitchen Design Ideas – Hub of the Home! 

Home Design and Decor (6)

When it comes to home design and décor ideas in terms of kitchen, flooring, work surface, kitchen cabinets, countertops, cabinet doors, fittings, fixtures and other accessories play an important role. You can opt for ceramic tiles in case of flooring or wooden floors. Always make cabinets for all big, small appliances and cookware in the kitchen to give a built-in look.

Entryway – Greet the Visitors in Style!

Home Design and Decor (6)

You should design the foyer in a way that gives a grand first impression of what’s in store to unfold for the guests. It should set the tone of the rest of the home design and décor. Family photos, drawings, hats, vintage seats with geometric cushions, canvas-back chair, rosewood vase, white or pastel-hued walls, antique bench are few stylish add-ons. These are something one can use in decorating an entryway in an easy yet chic manner.

If you’re living in Bangalore or any other metro city and thinking of buying your dream home, there are few properties like Prestige Jindal City, an upcoming project of Prestige Group, which is well-known for making use of modern architecture. Once you have bought your dream home, its time to flourish your dream. The secret to a beautiful and tastefully done home lies in innovative ideas, careful planning and considering your overall budget.

So if you’re keen on how to do up your home in the best possible way, simply follow the tips described above. These home design and decor ideas are readily applicable without having to invest a lot of time or money. Make your guests appreciate your aesthetics and interior designing concepts.

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