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Best 10 wedding hairstyles perfect for every length

Wedding hairstyles


Best 10 wedding hairstyles perfect for every length

Planning your big day but still confused about how to wear your hair on this occasion? Well, here we are to guide you through the best wedding hairstyles for you that are perfect for every length. If you’re looking for the best cheshire barn wedding venue, visit

The most trending wedding hairstyles of 2018’s wedding season have been listed below. Go ahead and visit this affordable wedding suits store to find one that suit to dress perfectly for the event.

Best Wedding hairstyles to rock this wedding season

1. Low Bun Hairstyle for Wedding

Wedding hairstyles

If you have a round face and planning on to wear a boat neck then a messy, hot and low bun is just perfect to take the look a notch higher. Just to add the texture you can make Dutch braids, twists or simply a messy knot with volume will be just perfect for you to stand out on your perfect occasion. Find beautiful headbands in Josefa David.

Sometimes messy can be the way out for the best-defined wedding looks. Especially if you have an elongated rectangular or oval face and plan on to wear a mermaid cut dress.

2. Side Swept Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles

Side swept hair either tied in beautiful messy fishtails or in romantic messy buns are just the best way to accentuate your oval face. The side swept hairstyles are just perfect for all kinds of dresses. Especially deep and broad necklines are best complemented by these hairdos as they add a cute romantic look to your overall aura.

3. Layered Updos

Wedding hairstyles

Have you planned to wear a strap dress? Go ahead and chose the layered updos to mix them with twists and you are good to rock on your d day. Some option can be nice buns with twisted layers or just layer your hair nicely and half tie them, add some good accessories and you are good to go.

4. Neat Chignon

Wedding hairstyles

An elegant dress and an oval face need the best complementing neat chignon to make you look perfectly poignant. Just take all your hair comb them well, make a nice stand out pouf and a neat chignon or completely twisted hair in a neat manner. It makes you look delicate yet very authoritative at the same time. If you are still looking for a place to hold the wedding, here is the link to an All Inclusive Wedding Venue in Fort Worth TX which is perfect for your special day.

5. Half Tie Hairstyle for Wedding

Wedding hairstyles

Angular jawlines or even chubby faces can opt for half updos as they add the right amount of oomph to your look, making you stand out of the crowd and adding that pretty appeal to your face. It makes you look perfect especially if you have opted for a beach wedding then these hair with beach waves are the best suite style for you, just contact

Complete your look with flowers. Perfect for beach weddings but can add a subtle delicacy to a church bride too. Just let the flowers do the talking in your hair. Add light pink, peach or white roses on half ties to make your hair look beautiful and carry yourself like the queen herself.

This hairstyle not only completes your wedding look but also go with any summer dress or casuals you would want to flaunt at any ceremony.

6.  Rustic Braid Wrap

Wedding hairstyles

If you have a small face and planning to wear a full flared gown then this rustic hair ties with a braid twister to form a crown and finally, a bun is just perfect for you. Set your hair in a rustic manner to get the authentic princess look. Also if you are a fan of huge and pretty hairdos then gather your curls to form an updo and the style thus made is just perfect for you. No matter the face cut or your dress just be ready for a magnificent look all together.

7. Top Knot

Wedding hairstyles

If you have a square face and wish to add length to your face then hair wraps can do the magic and add the best bit of appeal to your look for your wedding. Go ahead get a perfectly tied top knot to add seductive appeal to your occasion.

8. A Braided Hairband

Wedding hairstyles

If you wish to look ethereal and have a rectangular face then this is what you should stick to. Dutch braids headband makes just the perfect look for your best day. Another perfect pick for all faces shapes is to just add mermaid waves and let your hair flow. It makes you look delicate and pretty at the same time you can have braided headband look to accentuate the wavy look.

9. A High Oversized Bun

Wedding hairstyles

Again best suited for square or round faces and best for brides who wish to wear the veil on their head. A high oversized bun adds to the aura of the veil making the bride look ecstatic.

10. Messy Springs

Wedding hairstyles

Getting married during the springtime then this is just the perfect updo for any kind of dress that you are carrying. Just curl your hair and pin them up in any fashion for a funky and messy look.

Every bride dreams about her big day and wants to look perfect on this day. With the above-mentioned hairstyles for your wedding, we hope to brighten your day. These are the best wedding hairstyles to rock your wedding in 2018 and can be done on your own as well.

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